Spa Etiquette

We advise you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, which enables us to prepare you for your spa experience. Arriving late will limit the time and full benefits of your treatment.Please refrain from sunbathing, heavy eating and consuming alcoholic beverages prior to your treatment as this may have an adverse effect on your spa experience .

Please let us know if you are feeling unwell or have a history of high/low blodd pressure, allergies or poor health that requires medic-action. Our rooms cater to the needs of individuals or couples.We will provide you with disposable underwear, slippers, towels, shower facilities and hair dryer for your comfort and convenience. Please leave any valuable belongings in your locker. We will not accept responbility for the lost of valuable brought to the spa. While it not necessary for you to take out contact lenses during your treatment, we advise you to bring your case and solution to the spa just in case you feel any discomfort.

Note for Men

Men are advised not to shave for at least 3 hours before a facial.

Note for Women

Women are required to remove all traces or make-up prior to any treatment and avoid shaving before body exfoliation treatment. Body treatments are not appropriate for pregnant women.However, please ask our spa receptionist to advise what treatment are considered safe to experience during pregnancy.


If you were unable to make it to a scheduled appointment, cancellations made at least 2 hours before the reserved time slot would be highly appreciated.

During Your Spa Visit

As a courtesy and respect to all The Lammar's Spa guests, our atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility should be maintained at all times. In this light, The Lammar's Spa is a mobile phone- and smoke-free zone.


Photography in and around the spa are strictly prohibited.

Spa Gift Certificates

Lammar's gift certificates make the perfect gift for a special occasions, loved ones, friends and anyone else with whom you would like to share the Lammar's Spa experience. Gift certificates can be purchased for treatment of your choise and no expiration date.

Lammar's Beauty Rituals

Luxe Caviar & Pearl
"Lammar's De-Aging Face Therapy"

Reclaim and restore your skin's radiant vitality and youthfulness with the most advanced and luxurious defense against aging. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar and Pearl Extract. And Escutox® , a natural alternative to Botox. Skins elasticity, oxygenation and supplenessare improved lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced, leaving you rejuvenated and glowing.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Back & Neck Massage •Scalp & Hands Massage •Caviar Facial

Luminous Therapy
"Lammar's Facial Therapy with C Complex Serum"

Boost your skins radiane with rejuvenating "C" Complex. This unique microemulsified gel is quickly absorbed to render your skin bright and smooth. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid Work together to hydrate, Correct photo-Damage and drench your skin with Repairing antioxidants for a revitalized, youthful appearance.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Facial Therapy •Neck & Shoulder Massage •Scalp & Hands Massage

Aroma Fusion Therapy
Essential Facial for All Skin Type

A true balancing facial spa ritual experience using pure organic Aromatherapy elixis & Botanical actives to purify, balance and renew the skin, leaving it more youthful, energized and regenerated. This complete facial treatment is personally customized & tailored for individual skin types.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Facial Therapy •Scalp & Hands Massage

Fruity Balancing Therapy
"Lammar's Face Therapy with Papaya / Strawberry Mask"

A simply relaxing and balancing facial experience, best for teenager. Using Pure Botanical actives to purify, balance & renew the skin,. Choose your mask to suits skin condition with Strawberry mask to energized, and hydrated skin. Leave skin cool. Papaya gives a deeply hydrating and desensitizing, leave Skin replenished and soothed.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Facial Therapy • Scalp & Hands Massage

Refresh Eye Treatment with Eye Contour

The eye treatment is specially treatment with collagen and elastin to reduced eye wrinkles and renew the skin also make your eyes look fresh again.

Lammar's Body Wrap

De- Light Body Treatment
"An Luxurious Ritual Body Polish with Seaweed & Algae"

An luxurious ritual of body treatment that using Sea Weed & Algae. This treatment designed to make your skin more brightly and smooth. Body scrub with Sea Weed to collect toxins and provide mineral to skin. Combine with Algae body mask as well may assist in moisturizing and softening the skin. Also useful energy and vitality of the body with Lammar's Sign Massage.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual•Seeweed Body Scrub •Body Moisturizing Massage•Algae Body Mask • Revitalizing Herbal Bath / Aromatherapy Bath

Moor Mud Healing Therapy
"Therapeutic Moor Mud Wrap"

The healing black magma dates back to ancient civilizations. A warm Aromatic Moor Mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, is generously applied to your entire body. To heal your Sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as Your body's circulation is Stimulated and stress vanishes. Ideal for those Prone to chronic pain or fatigue, Rheumatism /arthritis pain. While wrap is applied your face will exfoliated and massage with Aromatherapy oil and ends off with neck and shoulder massage

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Aromatic Moor Mud Body Wrap •Body Massage •Neck & Shoulder Massage •Revitalizing Herbal Bath / Splendid Aromatherapy Bath

Detoxification Algae Body Wrap

When the body needs to be energised, this true detox ritual will help boost the energy and stimulate your circulation while clearing any blockages. Ingredients used have Warming and energizing properties And work to nourish the body and mind. Your detox Ritual begins With a mineralizing cleansing Exfoliating sea salt scrub enriched With Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, And Lavender and stimulating marine essentials. Your body is then cocooned With a powerful stimulating warm algae mask, Enriched with effective oceanic benefits to deeply purify, cleanse, and stimulate the body's natural process to eliminate all impurities.

Step: •Thalasso Foot Ritual •Aromatic Moor Mud Body Wrap •Body Massage •Neck & Shoulder Massage •Revitalizing Herbal Bath / Splendid Aromatherapy Bath

Lammar's Body Cleansing

De-Stress Therapy
"Aromatic Body polish with Jojoba"

With Jojoba, chamomile, aloe vera, rosemary and lemon gently deep cleansing, it eliminates dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities, and sebum accumulation. Renders dry and rough areas soft and smooth. After rinse thenfollowed with aromatic body moisturizing applied with gently massage. Finishing with spirtz of Dry oil body rich of green olive and safflower oil, Lavender and chamomile oil leave your skin moisturized and soften.

Step: • Thalasso Foot Ritual • Silky Skin Body Scrub• Aromatic Body Moisturizing Massage • Yoghurt Body Conditioning • Magnificent Milk Bath • Spritz of Dry Oil Body

De-Aging Tropical Ritual
"Saltmousse Body Polish with Papaya and Pineapple"

Immerse your body and mind into a complete tropical Oasis with papaya and pineapple fruit extracts. Delivers an aroma-sensory experience. A fluffy Lather of papaya and pineapple saltmousse scrub removes impurities and toxins by gently polishing skin. As The salt dissolves negative ions andrepairing of papaya and pineapple fruit extracts are quickly absorbed, emerged skin Smooth to touch and visibly brighten. And nourishing and anti aging papaya and pineapple body butter leaves skin wonderfully soft and moisturized.

Step: • Thalasso Foot Ritual •Papaya and Pineaple Body Polish •Body Massage • Yoghurt Body Conditioning •Magnificent Milk Bath •Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

Lammar's Bath Rituals

Revitalizing Herbal Bath

Herbal Bathing with herbal mixture of medicinal leaves and flowers helps to the body to release toxins and remove dead cells. The herbal mixture also make your body feel warm and has benefits from its aroma to reduce stress tension.

Magnificent Milk Bath

Luxurious Milk bathing maintains your skin smooth, soft, and glowing. Its also helps your skin moisturized after scrub and body mask applied.

Splendid Aromatherapy Bath

Bathing with aromatherapeutic salts help you to relax after time of exhaustion, relieve sore muscles and bring back metabolism. Salt is also good for detoxification.

Rose Petal Bath

Enjoy a luxurious soak in a rose petal bath scented with Lavender, Sandalwood oil for purifying experience. This refreshment has extraordinary healing properties to calm your nerves and helps you face the remainder of the day with renewed enthusiasm.

Romantic of Lammars

Romantic of Lammar's
"Experience a romantic honeymoon in a sanctuary of peace and tranquility"

Romantic treatment especially design for couple. Full Body treatment with someone special in our President Suite room. Suitable for honeymooner or perfect couple. With the use of specially blended oils "ylang-ylang" which said to have the aroma of love.

The package consist of :

Woman :
i.  Thalasso Foot Rituals
ii. Chocolate Body Polish
iii. Sensual Aromatherapy Massage
iv. Bust Treatment
v.  Rose Petal Bath

Men :
i.  Thalasso Foot Rituals
ii. Coffee Body Polish
iii. Face Massage
iv. Sensual Aromatherapy Massage
v.  Rose Petal Bath

Lammar's Natural Body Polish

Lammar's Natural Body Polish
" Feel your skin like silk afterwards"

The body treatment using natural product made in the Lammar's. Beginning with body scrub and body mask, using natural products to exfloliate dead skin cells, followed by Lammar's Signature Massage and Revitalizing Royal Milk bath or Aromatherapy Bath. Choise Of Products :

- Green Tea Polish
Green tea prevents oxidation of cells & protects skin against premature ageing, this nurturing mask is gently applied to the body and nourish the skin and leave it fresh & vibrant. Green tea is also good for your skin as detoxifaction and makes it radiant and healthy.

- Hibiscus Bargamot Polish
Roselle flower blended with bargamot essence becomes a perfect mixture that generates fresh healthier skin. Rosella removes dead skin cells and Bargomat refreshes skin.

- Chocolate Polish
Premium chocolate with a nice soft texture can be absorbed easily by skin pores. The absoption optimizes the chocolate to make skin smooth, soft and moisturized. The aroma of chocolate also helps you to relieve stress and soothe mind.

Step :
•Thalasso Foot Ritual•Choises of Body Polish • Body Massage
•Choise Body of Body Mask •Magnificent Milk Bath / Splendid Aromatherapy Bath

Royal Javanese Lulur

Royal Javanese Lulur
"Celebrate your day by pampering yourself into the indulgence experience that make you feel as a Queen"

In the 17th Century the Javanese Lulur treatment was practiced in the Palaces of Central Java as a "purifying" ritual for Javanese princesses for 40 days prior to marriage.

Javanese Lulur is a Body scrub a traditionally made of variety of javanese including ground turmeric and rice powder. Turmeric increases circulation, while providing antibacterial, and antioxidant.

The treatment begins with a Javanese massage with aromatic oils and then flows into our exfoliation scrub using the javannese Lulur. that is applied to the body to dry and then polished off. After cool yoghurt is applied to further soften and nourish your skin.

•Foot Ritual•Javanese lulur•Lammar's Traditional Massage•Yoghurt Splash •Magnificent Milk Bath / Revitalizing Herbal Bath

Toraja Rejuvenating Ritual

Toraja Rejuvenating Ritual
" Natural Sensation to make your skin glowing and smoothes"

A Special coffee treatment using Toraja Coffee it also called Kalosi from Sulawesi. Benefits the aroma, caffeine of Toraja coffee scrub is stimulate metabolism, reduce stress, and increase blood flow.

The treatment begin with body scrub by Toraja Coffee and fresh carrot is applied to nourish your skin, and Lammar's Signature massage completed to deep relaxation.

•Thalasso Foot Ritual •Coffee Body Scrub •Body Massage •Tropical Fruit Body Conditioning •Splendid Aromatherapy Bath / Rose Petal Bath

Balinesse Healing Therapy

Balinesse Healing Therapy
" Exotic Balinese body scrub and the unique "Boreh"

Full Body massage followed by a body wrap with balinesse boreh. Balinesse Boreh is a traditional herbal scrub used at the and of a hard working to relieve muscle aches, headache, cold and increase blood circulation and create relaxation. The ingredients of boreh is a combination of powdered ginger, sandalwood, clove and cinamon.

•Thalasso Foot Ritual•Balinese Boreh Scrub•Body Massage•Tropical Fruit Body Conditioning •Magnificent Milk Bath / Splendid Aromatherapy Bath

Lammar's Rejuvenate Treatment

Lammar's Rejuvenate Treatment
" Lammar's Signature Massage with Aroma Fusion Facial "

A deeply relaxing body massage experience that incorporate with a soothing and rejuvenating face cleanse and massage to restore skin balance. Started with acomplete body massage tailored to your body's individual needs follows with Aroma Fusion Facial.

•Thalasso Foot Ritual •Lammar's Signature Massage •Facial Therapy• Scalp & Hands Massage

Lammar' Healing Therapy

Lammar' Healing Therapy
"Lammar's Signature Massage with Moor Mud Back Mask "

A deeply relaxing body massage experience that utilizes the therapeutic and mineralizing benefits of a Moor Mud back mask to enhance your body massage . Treatment begins with back massage follows by applying a warm moor mud rich in natural vitamins and minerals to alleviate aches and pains, then continue with Body Massage with Lammar's blend oil suits to your skin condition. Your tension and stress will release away leaving you energised and full of vitality.

•Thalasso Foot Ritual •Moor Mud Back Wrap •Lammar's Signature Massage

Lammar's Revitalizing Therapy

Lammar's Revitalizing Therapy
"Lammar's Signature Massage with extra Bath"

This treatment is designed to impart your vitality. The treatment begin with Lammar's Sign Massage to reduce stress and muscle aches. And extra bath as a completed to refresh your body, with extra bath that can be chosen according to taste.

•Thallaso Foot Ritual • Lammar's Signature Massage •Pampering Bath Rituals

Lammar's Signature Massage

Lammar's Signature Massage
"Specially Body Massage from The Lammar's"

The massage is based on traditional massage using pressure points and streching techniques and combine with Lomi-lomi and Tuina massage to reduce stress and muscle aches also to stimulate the body's limpatic system into releasing its self regenarative power. During one and half an hour or two hours to make you relax, calm and fresh again.

•Thallaso Foot Ritual • Lammar's Signature Massage • Scalp & Hands Massage

Yoga Thai Massage

Yoga Thai Massage
"Refine Your Soul And Wellbeing"

Based on the uniquely of Thai traditional massage which combination of massage, stretching and yoga exercise will release your tension muscles and joints whilst inhale and exhale breathing take away your negative energy and bring positive energy into your body and mind.

Step :
•Thallaso Foot Ritual • Thai Yoga Massage • Scalp & Hands Massage

Lammar's Hand & Foot Remedy

Face & Foot Remedy
"The treatment designed to refresh your Face n Foot"

Beginning with reflexology to get back your energy and vitality, the treatment followed with mini facial and face massage.

Step: •Thallaso Foot Ritual • Foot Reflexology •Mini Facial• Face Massage

Heallthy Hand & Foot
"A great way to soothe, rejuvenate & beautify your tired feet"

A specially treatment for Hand & Foot, using silky chocolate will make your feet smooth and gentle. Starting with scrubbing and mask, and followed foot massage to make you relax.

Step: •Thallaso Foot Ritual • Sugar Scrub & Chocolate Mask • Hand & Foot Massage

Reflexology & Back Therapy

Traditional Asian practice by applying pressure on certain points of the feet that correspond to particular body organs, it stimulates blood circulation and relieves pain and stiffness. Rebalance and harmonize the entire body. This treatment including Back Therapy

Step: •Thallaso Foot Ritual • Reflexology • Back Therapy •Neck & Shoulder Massage

Lammar's Spa Wax Treatment


Rejuvenate & indulge yourself our luxurious Paraffin Spa treatments. Feel the deeply relaxing sensation of warmth & soothing relief you soften and smooth dry hands & feet.

•Half Arm
•Whole Arm
•Half Leg
•Whole Leg


Waxing is the most effective way to remove unwanted hair, the hair grows back much finer and less stubbly.

• Eye Brow
•Upper Lip/Under Lip
•Under Arm
•Half Arm/Leg
•Whole Arm/Leg
•Brazilian/ Bikini